Why Immanuel?

Immanuel Front Yard
Just Looking? We see compassionate followers of Jesus inviting people from all walks of life into a learning, loving, living community of hope where questions are welcome, answers are discovered and acceptance is freely given. It's good to ask questions. Faith questions are perhaps the most important life questions of all. Immanuel is a safe place for asking questions and exploring answers together!

About the Bible... The Bible is a collection of texts that arose from within a community of faith. The New Testament arose from those who walked with Jesus and were eyewitnesses of his life, death and resurrection. The Bible is therefore best read together in a community of faith. Immanuel Lutheran Church subscribes to the historic Lutheran Confessions, a collection of texts contained in the Book of Concord dated 1580 A.D. These writings are not our Bible, rather they speak to the question of how we, as a community, read the Bible for meaning. 

We read the Bible and confess our faith, making public what we believe the Bible teaches, among other things, about who we are as human beings, who Jesus is, how we understand our relationship to God and how we practice our faith and live our lives. Our confession is not just a set of beliefs but also a way of life, an active personal relationship with Jesus; not just certain things we believe but also certain things we do in this world. Ours is a faith life focused on following Jesus, rooted in the Bible, deep in the ancient apostolic teaching, seasoned in community conversation over hundreds of years.

If you are looking for a faith community that can bear the weight of your most difficult questions and support you and your family with the sure foundation of a vital, enduring spirituality then we invite you to find your faith home here with us at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Sandy.

For more information, look for the HEART of Immanuel | God with Us under I'm New.