What to expect in Worship


Since the earliest days of the Christian Church, followers of Jesus have gathered on Sunday morning to celebrate His resurrection from the dead. We confess we need the benefits of His death and resurrection: forgiveness of sins, a new life to live here on earth and the sure hope of life in the world to come.

  • We confess we do not always live according to our calling as Christians and upon our confession, we hear the Good News that, in Jesus, God forgives us, renews us and leads us so we might delight in His will and walk in His ways to the glory of His holy name.
  • We receive Christ's benefits through the Word of God proclaimed in readings, sermon and song, in Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  • We live by love empowered by the Holy Spirit, to enrich lives by sharing the loving word and ways of Jesus.

At Immanuel, we order our worship life according to the Church Year. The Church Year follows major events in the life of Jesus and His Church. Our worship is "liturgical", that is, rooted in the Bible and the historic practices of the Church. We appreciate a good-humored joy in our “formality” and embrace a range of musical voices and media in service of God’s Word. 

At Immanuel, you will experience a bit of everything old and new. We believe there is value in the ancient practices of the Church, taking us out of our comfort zone, connecting us to the whole Christian Church transcending time and place, growing us to maturity in faith towards God and in love for one another.